About Rajhans Pratishthan (Trust)

Help for Art & Ailing

Founder President : Mr. Suhas Kabre

The multifaceted task undertaken by the Rajahans Pratishthan can be briefly described as follows.
Medical Help 99%
Organ and Body Donation 90%
Programs and Cultural Activities 85%
Eminent Personalities & Applauds 80%
Support 24/7 99%

Activities and Programmes

  • Prime and Most Successful Activity : Lends medical equipment Under Free Medical Help Project (Stick to Bipap Machine Rs. 500 to Rs. 90,000) worth Rs. 40Lacs to the needy patients on no-rent-or-deposit basis a l l o v e r M u m b a i t i l l V i r a r , D o m b i v a l i a n d Navi Mumbai area
  • Arranges counselling programmes appealing people to come forward for Eye, Skin, Body donation & emotional counselling of the relatives of the Brain Dead Patient for Organs Donation.
  • Organises camps in rural areas for free eye check-up and on-the-spot distribution of spectacles. Also arranges other medical camps. This has helped thousands of needy people.
  • Organises Anaemia and Thalassemia tests for school children in Mumbai.
  • Arranges counseling on sex education for school children.
  • Arranges counseling sessions for women over forty years, addressing their varied problems.
  • Works Specially for Cancer victims patients.
  • Maintains a data base where patients can access information about bureaus to be contacted for Ayas, Wardboys, Nurses, Contact nos of centres providing low cost medical care, Trusts offering medical support.
  • Rajhans Award : In the Big Event every year Rajahans Pratishthan felicitates one social institution and four eminent personalities in the various field . (Nature of Award Social Institute Rs. 50,000 & Individual 25,000 each with Shela, Bouquet & Special Momento)

Our Dream :

  • Our Dream Project is to have our own Medical Center. Which will have all the Medical Facilities under single roof. Our supporters are requested to try for the fulfillment of our dream by –
  • Trying for Open Plot for Rajhans Medical Center
  • Ready to use place for the Office and Godown
  • Sponsorship for the Rajhans Medical Center
  • Donations